Sunburst effect In Photoshop

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In this tutorial i am going to show you how to create Sunburst background in the Adobe Photoshop. You may have seen this kind of the backgrounds, well i have seen it many times so i thought why not to share this with our sweet readers icon smile Sunburst effect In Photoshop so lets start the tutorial!


Paper texture Get it from here

Video Tutorial

Now lets start our Photoshop tutorial to make sunbrust effect.

1. Open the Adobe Photoshop and make a new document with 1900px*1200px.

SunbursteffectInPhotoshopwavesnewfile thumb Sunburst effect In Photoshop

2. Now set your foreground color to #595858 and background color to #bfbcbc actually you can choose any light and dark color like light blue and dark blue and many more combination.Then simply select the gradient tool and select the Liner gradient and click and drag from upside to downwards like this.

SunbursteffectInPhotoshopbackground thumb Sunburst effect In Photoshop

3. Now our background color is ready and now we have to make vertical lines so go to the filter –> distort and select wave.. and set the values as shown in bellow snapshot, make sure you have selected the Square option else its not going to work.

SunbursteffectInPhotoshopwaves thumb Sunburst effect In Photoshop

4. Hit okay and now you should got the vertical lines as shown in the bellow snapshot.

SunbursteffectInPhotoshoplines thumb Sunburst effect In Photoshop

5. Now we got cool background icon biggrin Sunburst effect In Photoshop and again go to the filter –> Distort and this time select polar coordinate and then simply hit okay and now we got the super cool background !

SunbursteffectInPhotoshopwaveseffect thumb Sunburst effect In Photoshop

6. To make it colorful select the hue/saturation and then set the color to the image and don’t forget to mark colorize else it will not work. You can set any colors you like and its not necessary to select the colors i have shown you.

SunbursteffectInPhotoshopcolors thumb Sunburst effect In Photoshop

7. Now our Sunburst background is ready.

SunbursteffectInPhotoshopcolor thumb Sunburst effect In Photoshop

8. You can also add the texture to the Sunburst background i have already shared texture in the resources so download it and open it in the Photoshop and then Press Ctrl+a (for Mac Users its command+a) and Copy it and paste it on our background and also adjust the size by pressing Ctrl+t and then apply the transformation and then simply change the blend mode from the normal to overly and we have done!

SunbursteffectInPhotoshopwavesfinal thumb1 Sunburst effect In Photoshop

Now we got our final product ! icon smile Sunburst effect In Photoshop

SunbursteffectInPhotoshop thumb Sunburst effect In Photoshop

If you want the PSD file of this tutorial then subscribe us and send me your message with email address in to our Facebook page.

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  • Yazmin

    Awesome! Thank you so much. I was looking at purchasing a starburst pattern for a website, but kept striking out on what I wanted. This fits the bill exactly.